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The objective behind Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) is to allow users to interact with computers through familiar tangible objects, thereby taking advantage of the richness of the tactile world combined with the power of computer-based simulations. TUIs give physical form to digital information, employing physical artifacts both as representations and controls for computational media. They lend themselves well to collaboration around intelligent tables, or what we call tabletop interaction. The t2i Lab at Chalmers TH is a group of researchers and talented students pushing the edge of interactive technology. We do this primarily by constructing TUIs and tabletop, large-display User Interfaces (UI).


2012-03-03 Chalmers ICM joins teams up with our lab:
A Chalmers ICM Advice team has chosen to team up with our lab. The team will be "assisting in analyzing different strategies for establishing a tech transfer framework to help utilize their break-through research projects and innovations."; please read more
2012-01-24 Prof. Shengdong Zhao visits us:
Prof. Shengdong Zhao, head of NUS HCI Lab, visits us this week. He meets most lab members and gives a guest lecture termed "Seeking scientific creativity in Human Computer Interaction". We are very happy to welcome Shengdong!
2011-11-03 New research collaboration with SECTRA AB in Linköping:
VR PhD position granted for a research collaboration with SECTRA AB in Linköping. The project will focus on methods for complex medical volume visualization based on clinical tasks and cognitive processes. A new PhD student has been hired.
2011-10-28 SSF Mobility Project granted:
Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research grants a mobility project to collaborate with Qualisys AB (Sweden), world leader in motion capture, and INSPIRE (Zurich), which is the Swiss competence center for production technology.
2011-09-05 Visit from Prof. Masanori Sugimoto, Tokyo University, Japan::
We have the great honor to have Prof. Masanori Sugimoto, Tokyo University, Japan, as our guest from Sept. 5th until Oct. 1st 2011. You can read about Prof. Sugimoto's work at http://www.itl.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/
2011-06-07 The lab moves into Kuggen, 3rd level:
On 7th June 2011, the t2i Lab will move into ROOM 318 in the Kuggen landmark house, at Lindholmen. You are warmly welcome to visit us there!
2011-05-31 SONY, Strategic Technology Delegation visits our Lab:
A delegation of SONY managers and engineers will visit us during their Nordic Technology Tour, visit is planned for 31st May 2011.
2011-05-10 Morten teams up with NUS HCI Lab:
Morten joints the NUS HCI Lab as a visiting professor for two periods during April-July 2011.
2011-02-07 Visit from Prof. Sriram Subramanian, Bristol University, UK:
We have the great honor to have Prof. Sriram Subramanian, Bristol University, UK, as our guest from Feb. 7th until March 6th 2011. You can read about Sriram's work at http://big.cs.bris.ac.uk/.
2011-01-29 Readership for two Chapters in recent Springer book:
t2i contributions for a Springer publication on tabletop research get attention http://realtime.springer.com/book/978-1-84996-113-4
2010-06-08 Asia tour summer 2010: June, July, and August 2010:
Visit and guest talk at: Univ. of Tokyo, Univ. of Osaka, Tsinghua University Beijing, Korea University Seoul, KUT South Korea, and NTU/NUS in Singapore. To meet us, please request further details at info@t2i.se
2009-09-28 Motion capture at ASME DETC/CIE 2009, Virtual Environments and Systems (VES):
New approach to solve the missing marker problem in realtime motion capture
2009-08-28 DGTS at INTERACT 2009:
Paper and video; DGTS employs capacitive sensors to detect the position of human digits on/over the keyboard.
2008-10-20 ACM NordiCHI 2008:
Demo of Softly Elastic Device for 6DOF Input and full paper Real-Time 3D Hand-Computer Interaction.
2008-02-19 ACM TEI 2008:
Paper on BounceSlider: Actuated Sliders for Music Performance and Composition at ACM TEI 2008.
2007-10-10 IEEE Tabletop 2007:
Paper on Ortholumen at the 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Horizontal Interactive Human-Computer Systems, Newport, RI (USA).
2007-09-09 ACM MHCI2007 MobileInternetUX Workshop:
Paper on Mobile Internet User Experience: Cost-Benefit Estimation by Users in the Western World at Workshop on Mobile Internet User Experience (SG).
2007-09-03 Switching Mobile Phone:
A full paper on a mobile phone study on will be presented at the 21st BCS HCI Group Conference (UK). Thereby, t2i makes a step into the mobile area.
2007-07-12 Guest talk at TU Berlin:
Guest talk at the group prometei, TU Berlin (D).
2007-06-19 Sharable 2007:
t2i present at the Sharable 2007 workshop in Milton Keynes (UK).
2007-05-21 Homepage Reworked:
Major improvements of the t2i home page, now fully written in php5.
2007-05-01 AC at CHI2007:
Augmented Chemistry presented in the Tangibility track at ACM CHI2007 (USA).

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