Welcome to the t2i (TableTop Interaction) Lab.


The objective behind Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs) is to allow users to interact with computers through familiar tangible objects, thereby taking advantage of the richness of the tactile world combined with the power of computer-based simulations. TUIs give physical form to digital information, employing physical artifacts both as representations and controls for computational media. They lend themselves well to collaboration around intelligent tables, or what we call tabletop interaction. The t2i Lab at Chalmers TH is a group of researchers and talented students pushing the edge of interactive technology. We do this primarily by constructing TUIs and tabletop, large-display User Interfaces (UI).


2012-03-03 Chalmers ICM joins teams up with our lab:
A Chalmers ICM Advice team has chosen to team up with our lab. The team will be "assisting in analyzing different strategies for establishing a tech transfer framework to help utilize their break-through research projects and innovations."; please read more
2012-01-24 Prof. Shengdong Zhao visits us:
Prof. Shengdong Zhao, head of NUS HCI Lab, visits us this week. He meets most lab members and gives a guest lecture termed "Seeking scientific creativity in Human Computer Interaction". We are very happy to welcome Shengdong!
2011-11-03 New research collaboration with SECTRA AB in Linköping:
VR PhD position granted for a research collaboration with SECTRA AB in Linköping. The project will focus on methods for complex medical volume visualization based on clinical tasks and cognitive processes. A new PhD student has been hired.

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